The One That Started it All

Welcome to the Bedlam!

This is not something I would have DREAMED of saying  prior to 2013. Prior to Motherhood. You see, I enjoy a world full of organization, lists, schedules-basically, predictability. There is something about a fresh notebook with all those untouched pages that makes my soul happy. And a planner? Swoon! My husband thinks I’m just slightly strange for enjoying the tasks that set things right. If life gets stressful you can find me knee-deep in organizing a closet, categorizing cleaning supplies, or filing away paperwork. These are the things that make my heart sigh with pleasure. Some may snicker and call it OCD or perfectionism but for me? I call it a necessity for being, not only a mom of 3, but a Mom Boss. It’s a requirement for this Work-from-home-mom holding a family together and running a business. After all, where would we be if the world was only full of the fun and fancy free people? Where would we be without all the strong,organized, driven women who came before us?

Enter Motherhood.

Motherhood is anything BUT predictable. You give birth and a few days later you’re sent home with this tiny, new human that is completely yours and uterly your responsibility. There is no manual for being a mother. It’s a learn-as-you-go type job. Some days you will feel like Supermom while you accomplish all.the.things. You will wash AND fold the laundry in one day. All the meals will be prepared. You will never raise your voice. The children will be little darlings……And then there are the Other Days. You know the ones! The ones where nothing seems to go right. Everyone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. The French Toast and sausage you cooked the day before (and the day before that and the day before that…..) is suddenly the most repulsive food on the planet. And no other food will substitute. The shirt they want to wear is dirty. They can’t find their favorite toy. The sibling that was so much fun to run around with is suddenly their worst enemy. THOSE days. The ones that make you question your sanity.

Enter the Bedlam.

Motherhood is a carnival ride. It is full up joyful ups, stomach twisting downs with a few curve-balls thrown in for good measure. It’s exciting, scary, moving, thrilling, exhausting and wonderful all rolled into one package.

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure called Motherhood and take a peek into the Bedlam at the Barnes house!



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