The One with the Blessingway

Never heard of a Blessingway? Me either. That is until I was given the extraordinary gift of a Blessingway by my sweet friend Jessica over at Rush & Ramble.


This Blessingway was very appealing to me because, you see, this is my third child. I have been blessed with two wonderful baby showers to welcome in my previous babies. However, once you have children you realize how much STUFF they can accumulate. To me, a person who thrives on organization and structure, more stuff in our already crowded home was just too daunting to comprehend. Add in the baby hormones and I was just too overwhelmed. Not only that but I was uncomfortable with being the center of attention when this IS my third child but I don’t need all.the.things. Diapers and wipes? Sure. A few season appropriate clothing items? Fantastic. But a whole hoopla? Not really what I was envisioning.


A Blessingway is a lovely alternative to a traditional shower. It’s a time for the mother to be celebrated by women who are close to her regarding her journey into motherhood, whether it’s the first time or not. It’s not so much focused on “stuff” and material things as it is a time of reflection, support, affirmation and love. Now this may sound a little too crunchy, holistic or earth mama for your taste. Rest assured, you can tailor your Blessingway to meet your needs and reflect individual tastes. While a Blessingway is rooted in Native American culture, and I am clearly not, I wanted a way to honor the process of the Blessingway while still adding in more spiritual aspects to mine as a Christian. Incorporating select Bible verses and labor prayer candles into my Blessingway was very appealing and a personal touch to my Blessingway.


At my Blessingway we were blessed with gorgeous weather for a Florida Fall–cool(ish) temperatures, sunny, breezy and beautiful. It was as if the weather knew that a tranquil and serene environment was exactly what we wanted. I was welcomed by the smiling faces of a handful of quality friends, along with a gorgeous spread of yummy treats and soothing instrumental music.  We spent a few hours talking labor and delivery, life and funny tales and adventures of our babies–fur and human. The Blessingway closed with a few meaningful activities: a painting that had each guests special touch, a sweet book to share personal thoughts mixed with motherly quotes and a necklace made from beads each guest brought. Lastly, each guest was sent home with a sweet and simple gift–a candle to light once I’m in labor to send thoughts and prayers my way as I welcome my  next little soul.





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