The One with Essential Oils

Essential oils have become an increasingly hot topic lately but one that I wasn’t even aware of until March 2015. At that point I had a 2-year-old and an 8 month old and had been battling illnesses between them and my husband since November 2014. We had what felt like a never-ending revolving door or sickness–the flu, the stomach bug, a cold turned upper respiratory infection, the stomach bug…again, a cold turned upper respiratory infection…again, and a few more thrown in for good measure. I was exhausted and at my wit’s end. I mean, I cleaned my house regularly, we all bathed regularly and ate relatively healthy foods.

So, what was going on??

There are two women that I follow on their blogs–100 Days of Real Food and The Food Babe. Both of these women opened my eyes to all the JUNK in our food and, eventually, in our bath and body products. I started on a journey to rid our pantry (and bathrooms) of all the foods and other items with the extra additives and harmful chemicals. I began making as many of my own bath and body products as I could and researching cleaner/healthier alternatives to our family loved recipes. Now, don’t get me wrong, this was not an overnight occurrence. The kind of change that is needed is slow and tedious, even if needed. We still eat at places like Chick-fil-a and enjoy pizza that’s been delivered but I try to balance it out with fresh fruits and vegetables and less out-of-the-box foods. Balance, I found, has been  key for our family. It’s a slow process converting my family, and myself, to better alternatives when we are so programmed to what is considered “normal”. But that’s a whole other topic and one that both of these ladies have covered extensively.

What I found that was missing, and that I longed for, is a scent profile. Our minds are very much programmed and effected by smells (You can read more in-depth about that here). I wanted to add a pleasing but non-toxic scent to the products I was making. Thus began my research into essential oils. After months of research and back and forth I settled on Young Living essential oils. (You can see why here) 19 months later and I’m still just as in love with their philosophy and products as I was in the beginning. I love having something to use for the scent profile in my DIY products as well as immune support, stinky diapers, stress (hello, two toddlers!), digestive issues, headaches and so much more.

Thus, an oil addict was born.


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