The One with the Muffins

I love to bake and try new recipes. My latest obsession is with the recipes from my Fast and Fabulous cookbook by Lisa Leake. She’s the inspiring author and mama behind 100 Days of Real Food. Her recipes are easy, yummy and whole foods.

Today I decided on her Whole Wheat Lemon Raspberry Muffins.


My oldest has become quite the little sous-chef lately. She’s very proud of the fact that she can crack an egg on her own. I love the fact that we can share something together and not want to pull my hair out.

Since I didn’t have any lemons on hand today I substituted my Lemon essential oil. In this recipe I used about 7 drops but you could definitely use more if you want a bigger punch of Lemon.

These were such simple ingredients which is makes it so easy for Harper to help out. I love that I can show her how to bake–with a few adjustments to accommodate her.

  • a small muffin tin to make it manageable for her small hands to fill. (Plus, it makes it a perfect snack size for the kids)
  • an ice cream scoop for her to fill the muffin tins.
  • a chair to reach the counters

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