A Little About Me

I’m a work-at-home mom to 3 babes— Harper (4 years old), Kellen (2.5 years old) and Rico (1 month old). I’m the wife to a coach (and those raised in the South know how much a religion that is), business owner and essential oil lover and educator. While these are all titles I carry, I am so much more than that. I love to do DIY projects, bake goodies, try out new recipes, decorate our house (and re-decorate as my nesting dictates), read a good book (ha! If I get the chance) and indulge in a few guilty pleasure tv shows—Friends being one of my all-time favorites.

I have always been interested in health and wellness—the way the body works, how different systems work and react to each other and, most recently, the effect of chemicals and additives in our food sources. I believe I get my health streak from my Nana. I vividly remember two things about her: natural peanut butter and her hands being orange from juicing carrots so much. The passion and intrigue of overall wellness took me through college and I graduated with a degree in Health Science with a minor in Exercise Science. Fast forward to being pregnant and there are SO MANY things you have to avoid—medication and otherwise. It got me thinking about why those same items are considered “safe” after pregnancy. I started making my own products in an effort to avoid all the chemicals. However, I wanted that scent profile that would make the difference. After months of research I kept coming back to Young Living. Once the oils were in my hands it was all over– I was hooked.

This Site

Back to the Bedlam….as you can see my life is very full, even chaotic. I have come to the realization that, for this season in my life, bedlam will rule. It’s up to me to use my passion and drive to make some sense of the bedlam and enjoy the chaotic ride that life has become. At Barnes Bedlam you will find all manner of things to occupy your time—recipes, essential oil education classes, a peek into my life and heart as a mom and so much more. Take a look at The One that Started it All to see more about me and why I decided to start this website and blog.