There are three methods for using essential oils. Aromatic, Topical, and Internal. Scroll down for more information on each usage option.



Not only are essential oils therapeutic in nature but they also smell AMAZING! Aromatic use is by far the easiest way to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. There are MANY ways to use your oils aromatically but we’ve selected a few of the most common methods to share with you today. My personal favorite, the diffuser! Simply add your essential oils and water and you’re good to go. We’ll talk about this in more detail in a few minutes. Here are some other ways to use your oils aromatically…

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Olfaction, or the sense of smell, is a powerful sense deeply connected to our other senses and our perception of the world around us. What happens when you get a cold? You have a harder time tasting food. If you walk into a bathroom and it SMELLS clean you typically assume it IS clean. When you walk into a movie theater and smell that fresh, buttery popcorn, what happens? Your stomach growls. Connection. The same goes for our sense of smell and essential oils. Our brain not only remembers and recognizes scents but will associate those scents with a reaction within your body. Why? The Limbic System.

The Limbic System is a complex part of the brain that is responsible for many bodily functions. It is comprised of parts of the brain responsible for emotion, motivation, learning, and memory, and is generally considered the interface between emotional states and memories of physical stimuli. The Limbic System plays a significant role in sending and receiving information between our short and long-term memories. These short and long-term memories send and receive messages from different sensory regions, such as sense of smell. This is why the perception of certain fragrances can cause the recollection of distant memories or powerful emotions. In relation to essential oils, the Limbic System will receive the message from the fragrance of an essential oil and send a message to the corresponding part of the brain that controls a reaction.



Did you know your skin is your largest organ? It is also incredible effective at absorption, making it an efficient method to introduce essential oils to your system. Not sure about that? Well, think about nicotine patches that help smokers alleviate cravings by putting nicotine in their systems, or birth control and other hormone balancing patches. There’s a pile of pharmaceutical products that leverage this organs amazing abilities, so let’s talk about how we can harness that power when utilizing essential oils!

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Another awesome way to use your essential oils is internally. This is a personal choice and by no means do you HAVE to use oils internally; it is simply another option. For me, I feel perfectly safe using the oils internally when used correctly and in the recommended amount. A few methods for using essential oils internally include: sublingual (meaning put a drop of oil under your tongue and allowing it disperse throughout your mouth), taking a spoon, some honey and a drop or two of my favorite oils or even making a “tea” with warm water, honey and essential oils. But if youโ€™re feeling a little pressed for time and want the ease of OTC medications then gel capsules will be your new best friend!

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